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A Headstart to an Inspiring Career!

This place breathes travel. When everyone is driven by just one passion, things become immensely interesting. We all research for our upcoming travel plans and building that dream itinerary. Now imagine getting paid for building solutions to get this itinerary to the customer. It may sound cliche, but we do not feel that even for a single day. So, this is one golden opportunity where you would join a young start-up with all possibilities of rapid growth all by just following your passion.
What’s your passion
  • Technology

    The mecca of technology is Innovation.

    We at GoFro are consistently working with innovative ideas to solve travel domain challenges through technology. GoFro's underlying platform is entirely based upon open source technologies, it is developed with cloud principles of software multi-tenancy, elastic scaling etc. We believe in doing big things with a small team. Now is a great time to join GoFro, and contribute to the digital/online transformation that's taking place within holiday businesses around the world.

  • Products

    With great growth, comes great responsibility.

    We are the visionaries who lead an idea from its initial concept to a full-blown product release while working with best of engineering minds and design experts. The Product Team drives products that are user-centric, business oriented, and backed by in-depth research and analysis. Join us and take the overall responsibility for your product’s success. Contribute towards product strategies and champion the user at every step with a strong research.

  • Design

    A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away

    We strive to craft user-centric, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing designs for all products. Our designers operate in an interdisciplinary space combining knowledge and experience across Business, Psychology, Design, Product, and Technology to solve problems efficiently. Combining research and thoughtful critique, we are discovering needs and solving fundamental problems. We create delightful experiences and make it easier for people to travel across the globe.

  • Business

    At first they’ll ask you why you’re doing it. Later they’ll ask how you did it!

    The business team at Gofro believes in disrupting conventional ways of creating travel products and devising newer methods to use the immense level of data we have on our hands. Autonomy and innovation are two of the biggest tools that we provide to each member of our team, while still ensuring that we are a strongly knit group capable of creating world class products. Come join us if you’re willing to push your own barriers, be a part of the fastest growing travel company in the country, and work with a team that treats you like family!

  • Sales & Operations

    Sales isn't a numbers game anymore; it's an effectiveness game now.

    If you are passionate about traveling then, GoFro is the place where your travel career can take flight. As a Travel Advisor, you will assist customers by using your knowledge of destinations and products to give quality advice for both, business and leisure holidays. We believe sales is just not about selling our product but the beginning of a relationship, and we work closely with our customers to ensure that they receive the full value of their purchase.

  • HR & Admin

    People are our biggest asset. We are a team of highly talented and like-minded individuals with a goal to solve a real time problem. We encourage diversity in our company, as we strongly believe that diverse groups are the best problem solvers and a broad pool of talent, exactly what an organization needs to grow. We make sure we have the right people for the right job, and help people grow both personally and professionally. Come, join us & work with the best in class team and get an opportunity to learn & enhance your skills.

  • Marketing

    Hello from the Marketing Ninjas! Yes, that is what we like to call ourselves! ‘Eat, Sleep, Think’ Travel is our mantra! We are a bunch of travel enthusiasts who are lucky enough to make a living out of our passion. When we are not brainstorming over marketing strategies in brightly lit boardrooms, we are busy day-dreaming about new places to explore. Marketing is not just about the stuff that you make, but about the stories, you tell. And, this is just the beginning of our story!

  • Finance

    Finance isn't just about numbers and spreadsheets; it's about building relationships and engaging with people from across the business, helping them to understand and interpret complex financial data, so that the right commercial decisions can be made for the business, customers, and shareholders. You'll find plenty of opportunities to grow your career within our team, build your analytical skills and become an expert in your chosen field.

Life @ GoFro
We have a young and spirited team of motivated and skilled people who love to think ‘out-of-the-box’ and make a difference with their work every single day. For us, fun-at-work is not good enough, precisely why we believe in ‘fun-is-work’. We have a team that loves what it does, and has loads of fun while doing it.
Why work with us
  • Fast Paced & Fantastic Peers

    Our teams are structured to help you Shine. Drive new initiatives forward and celebrate your innovation, skill and hardwork. We aim to be that company where people can build their work around their life, not vice versa.
  • Fun times and Yum Snacks

    While we work on creating solutions to challenging problems, we also make sure employees have everything they need to relax, recharge, and have fun. And of course, unlimited snacks and surprise treats.
  • Rest and Reflect

    Our employees are result driven, so we trust them to manage their time offs too. Our flexible options ensure that you regulate your personal lives without any worries, as we strongly believe in living well - rounded life.
  • Open Space Working Environment

    No literal barriers encourage innovation to skyrocket. Great companies work through collaboration and our working environment makes sure that everyone feels part of a team and can see whenever anyone brings in food.